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Our firm was founded in 1946 by Robert F. Galloway with Edward F. Wiegers joining the firm in 1957.  While many different attorneys have practiced law with the firm over the years, Bob and Ed practiced together for nearly 30 years.   Jason Brinegar and Coleman Younger are the two attorneys who work diligently to carry on the legacy and tradition of providing quality legal services based on common sense and logical problem solving.   Our offices are committed to the communities they serve and take great pride in being a part of the downtown of two vibrant, strong and caring communities.   This commitment is more than just representing clients with the cases or issues that they bring to us.  It is about building relationships with clients that create lasting bonds between not only the attorney and client, but the community at large.  Our firm donates time and resources to a long list of community projects and charities throughout the region, not only because it is the right thing to do, but more importantly because making a difference matters to us. We provide legal services in a variety of practice areas in Northeast/Northcentral Kansas, Southeast/Southcentral Nebraska and Wyoming. Call or email us today to make an appointment to discuss your issue.  We offer a free one-half hour consultation to all potential clients.

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